Secret Compartments




kitchen cabinet hidden compartmentYonder Wood is fast becoming known for its innovative furniture with a secret. We were so busy manufacturing our secret compartmented furniture for the locals, we had to turn away outside orders. But we got so many request emails and we didn't want to leave the rest of you out of the loop, so we created a mailable secret compartment that you can easily install yourself.
We call it The Cloak. Now you can hide your valuables from people who shouldn't be seeing them.

secret compartment under tableInstall the Cloak under a kitchen cabinet or install it
under your computer desk. If someone happens to peek underneath, it will just look like an electrical wire box.
coffee tableOr install it under heavy furniture like an armoire or dresser. We have created a compartment that is easy to install and is very difficult to find.



It's as easy as one two three four.




Only you will know it's there.