About Us

We live and play and work on our 5 acres in a community called Yellow Point, near the town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island British Columbia.  We have lots of trees on our property and over the years we have had to chop down a few of them to make way for things like a work shop, our house, and our store.  Sometimes the darn trees just fall down by themselves.

Every time we see branches and trunks and gnarly burls off these trees, we see something that needs to be created.  Our lovely neighbours often stop by with their pickup loaded with a marvellously nasty dirty hunk of tree with all sorts of lumps and knobs.  Normal people would have tossed that on the burn pile, but they know us.  We thank them and store it to let it season for a year.  After that, we clean it up, shave it, sand it, polish it, and sometimes lacquer it into a beautiful, usually functional, piece of art.  


We love what we do and we have a shop full of amazing equipment to help us along.  Our store is attached to the wood shop and we are set up to meet the locals and show them our wares and even give the occasional wood shop tour.  We keep our prices reasonable because we don't understand why everything has to cost so much.  We make a living...not a killing.

We hope you enjoy our online store.  If you are ever in Yellow Point, please drop by.

Linda & Bill Thompson